Iscariotteh is back

6 Sep

After a long month (without creating any accesories ) Iscariotteh is back!…

I had a lovely summer holiday, but I was looking forward to get back home and back to my biggest passion!

I must admit that the first thing that shocked me was the cold weather … in fact … a few days ago I was sunbathing and swiming in the pool …

Travelig back home was , tiring ,loooong and sad … it’s pretty hard to leave big or”little” people that you love , people you got attached with so easily, and the thought of not having the chance to see them too soon is unbearable.

I had a great time, I did learn new things and seen new stuff… I try to think that leaving home for a month and a few days, had changed me in any way. We saw beautiful places and beautiful people …I even managed to survive a week camping in a tent , I walked on the beach and the winding streets, I collected shells, flowers and rays of the sun, we ate the best sweets (and most many sweets) of my life.
I took advantage of the splendid shops and boutiques that are not available in Romania (or at least not in Iasi – thanks God for H&M and Starbucks) … so I will leave you with some pictures of the beautiful things that have delighted my eyes and soul .


2 Responses to “Iscariotteh is back”

  1. Raluca September 13, 2010 at 8:46 pm #

    Love H&M :X

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